The New Indie Game Scene

Over many years of gaming history, the majority of games were created by several main companies. With the rise of new technology, however, new independent designers are throwing their hats in the ring. The types of games available are changing thanks to the innovation of these independent designers. Independent game creators are developing a new era in gaming.

Many years ago, developers outside of the popular companies have built and
distributed their game mostly underground. Because more people are able to find out about independent creators and distributors, the popularity of these indie games has increased. Because people know about indie games more often now, more people have a desire to develop indie games . With this growth, there has also been a growth in the type of video games available, both in style and in genre. Many businesses that have been around a while are sticking to their tried and true staples, while indie developers are bringing new ideas to fruition.

Between sports and war, there is little else to be found in games distributed by the main game labels. To fill in the gaps, indie game creators make their own games in genres that big businesses just don't bother with. Indie creators occasionally take a page from old school game creators. There are typical adventure games with updated and more fascinating storylines. There are also games that fall into the typical war and sports genres but are created by independent desingers. No matter what game a consumer is looking for, there is an independent creator making it.

There are a wide selection of ways you can get ahold of an indie video game. Some developers have created their own websites for game purchase. Gamers can also find sites where the games can be paid for and played on site. A wide variety of independent game designers sell their games through indie game websites. Most indie distributors choose to market their game on a gaming website because their internet exposure is greater and more likeminded people will see it. Indie game sites are a great place to search a multitude of games from different genres. In order to have more gamers purchase their games, creators who list on these sites often have cheaper games because that is a selling point.

Indie games offer the opportunity to make a connection between customer and seller. Indie game creators are more likely to listen to their customers and troubleshoot. If you're looking for a more open communication with your developer, indie games are a great way to go. Xbox 360 achievements are even possible with them. 

This technological era has been great for growing the gaming industry. Growth in industry has helped price competition and game diversity alike. With so many benefits, indie game creators will see an upward rise for years to come.

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